How PHA does it

See how homes under PHA's direction arise


We look for the right place

New parcels suitable for building are chosen by our company architects, who apart from comparing economic parameters, immediately ask why somebody would like to live here and not somewhere else. We name the qualities and weak points of the chosen estate and we define the concept of the future building. It takes time but we want to be sure. The vision of the future building is clear before we purchase the parcel.

duration in a weekend of acquisition for land

We design a place for life

Before we build something real out of the concept, our architects must do a lot of designing, calculations, corrections and redrawing. Together with the business department they set the standards the new building will have. We are continuously developing the concept so we are able to offer the highest quality the site and market allow, for the future residents of our building.

duration in monthsend of finished design

We talk to many authorities

When the project documentation is complete, first we have to obtain a zoning decision, which takes 8 years on average in Prague. Nevertheless, we try to use this time constructively and we constantly return to the design, updating the project according to market changes and newly acquired knowledge within the field, as well as incorporating comments by both authorities and neighbors.

duration in months to yearsend of zoning decision

We make building preparations

After we obtain the zoning decision, we draw the prepared building in the project details to obtain a building permit, for which we talk to many authorities again. In advance we prepare workshop documentation and address final details to avoid anything that could keep the building permit from being issued.

duration in months to yearsend of building permission

We construct the building

All our buildings are constructed by our own team of builders and workmen, who have been improving their routine procedures with each building and acquiring new technologies; from the first foundations and lower structure, on which we build a reinforced concrete frame, later allowing us to adjust apartments according to clients’ requests.

duration in months (max 2 years)end of structural work

We start selling

We don’t sell the apartments until at least the rough construction is complete, and therefore the client can personally check what apartment he/she is purchasing and what the living in it will be like. We don’t sell apartments on paper. We finish the gradually finish the building. After bricklayers there are joiners, whitesmiths, decorators and other workmen who complete the building.

duration in monthsend of the building approval process and handover to the client

The life of the building

As we usually keep some apartments or rental space for ourselves in our buildings, we help the new community of unit owners in our own interest to solve everyday problems. While the building work is subsiding, we are constantly and immediately addressing possible claims so we disturb our clients’ lives as little as possible.

duration for all life