We cooperate worldwide

We implement specialized static works on 4 continents and in 20 countries. We combine our knowledge and experience with the possibilities of the most modern computing software.

Reinforced concrete and prefabricated structures

We process drawings for reinforced concrete monolithic and prefabricated structures.

Assessment and research

We provide assessment and research for bearing structures, prefabricated buildings, also after natural disasters and accidents.

Steel structures

We create drawings at all design stages from building permission to workshop documentation.

"We constantly develop our professional knowledge and technical equipment. Only then are we able to design structures efficiently, quickly and safely."

Doc. Ing. Hana Gattermayerová CSc.,
managing stress analyst

Program amenities

We use modern licensed software such as SCIA Engineer, Allplan, Tekla, Recoc FINE, Design Forms, AutoCAD, and more.

Static and dynamic calculations

We perform all calculations required for the design documentation using modern computer technology.

Authorizations and certificates

The seven-member working team consists of three experienced certified engineers for static and dynamic structures.

Authorizations and certificates

The personnel of static groups regularly participate in ČKAI, professional seminars, meetings of structural engineers and conferences, including lecturing and publishing activities in the field within lifelong learning.

We have Professional Liability Insurance

agreed at an amount of CZK 10,000,000


The working team includes three experienced certified engineers for static stability and dynamics of the structures.

Training Certificates

Anti-explosion building protection

Certified structural engineers are holding a Certificate of Expertise of all cycles of lifelong learning of ČKAIT authorized persons up to now, organized from 2001

Reconstruction and sanitation

We combine expertise and experience with an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of architecture.