It all starts with architecture.

We started twenty-five years ago as an architectural company and we don’t deny our origin. When designing, we always follow a classical procedure and we benefit from the cooperation of several professions under one roof.


Each project starts with a sketch. We are looking for the best concept and examine all possible project solutions through schematic matter.


A model is necessary for verifying the accuracy of building material solutions in all our proposals.

3D model

In the next phase, the computer model helps us to specify the solution in relation to the surrounding area.


The complete documentation for all project design phases are processed in BIM or CAD.


We prepare graphic drawings and visual documentation legible for the client, office or public as well


We perform most of the work on our construction sites with our own labor force and equipment, thus having unprecedented control over projects as architects do.

Projects portfolio

We have prepared an overview of our creative “laboratory” in the form of online photos, sketches, graphics and visualizations gallery.