Each person has a different perception of living standard. To make you better understand what “standard” means in the case of our buildings, we divided them into 4 categories. Find out for yourselves

SPrivacy and intimacy

  • You know your neighbors; we construct buildings with a small number of units.
  • Inside the apartment we build double-placed plasterboard partitions, which have better acoustic insulation than walled constructions.
  • We always install safety or external blinds on our windows.
  • The entrance to the unit is secured by a safety door with a safety frame.
  • The apartments are ready for the installation of electronic safety systems with a possibility of the connection to the central security control board.
  • We hand over the buildings with complete distribution systems for apartment alarms.
S+Privacy and intimacy +

  • To ensure you don’t disturb each other, we build double acoustic walls between apartments.
  • We use CCTV with recording in the entrance area of the building and its surroundings.
  • The buildings are situated in the green privacy of gardens.
KLuxury and comfort

  • We are amenable to changes made by clients.
  • We place importance on a personal approach. When you want to purchase an apartment, you speak directly with one of the co-owners of the company.
  • We build reasonable but spacious apartments; we do not want to compete due to price but due to quality of living.
  • Each apartment is equipped with a wooden floor (xy class). You can choose the one you like out of 30 patterns.
  • We always use a door made by a joiner so that you can choose the wood for yourself again.
  • Our balconies and terraces are not cold because their surfaces are made of wooden or wooden-plastic planks.
  • We build on our own almost without the aid of external suppliers, so we personally guarantee the design quality.
  • We don’t try to save money on things you cannot see: taps, valves, ZTI distributions, heated drains, fire seals, ramps, plastering corners, quality adhesives and decorations.
  • We wall the basements and sufficiently ventilate the garages.
  • We use the quietest elevators on the market.
K+Luxury and comfort +

  • We guarantee both standard furniture and plenty of storage space in the bedrooms and other rooms.
  • You don’t have to carry a watering can full of water over the entire living room; we offer frost-free taps on the terraces.
  • We build in stabilized localities; you will not be disturbed by other apartment buildings being built.
TTechnology and ecology

  • Triple or double glass insulation with a similar heat transfer coefficient are a matter of course.
  • The floor heating will maintain your feet warm.
  • Balconies and other hanging constructions are installed with ISO beams with thermal break.
  • We install ceiling or floor cooling according to demands and possibilities.
  • The buildings and the construction details are designed by our own team of designers guaranteed by us.
  • Intelligent households are not for everyone but we install them on demand within all projects.
T+Technology and ecology +

  • Controlled ventilation will take care of a constant supply of fresh air with minimum heat loss.
  • We install air conditioning on demand.
  • We offer common cooling units for the healthy cooling of apartments, especially those situated in the higher part of the building.
  • We use heat pumps water/air or water/earth where technology allows.
  • Heat recuperation from ventilated air reduces your energy costs.
  • We also use autonomous shading for buildings of the highest class.
  • We follow the times; you can find sockets or charging stations for electric cars in the garages.
ZHealth and atmosphere

  • You can’t discover an apartment’s atmosphere on paper; therefore we don’t start selling until a rough construction has been finished.
  • You also buy your neighborhood along with the apartment. We concentrate individually on the orientation of the apartments and on the views from the windows. We don’t wait to see how it will end.
  • We like to use French and large windows the most.
  • The high ceilings in our projects secure natural air circulation.
  • The elegant built-in wardrobes, cloakrooms and kitchens will be provided by our interior architect on demand.
  • We use naturally breathable walled or wooden perimeter constructions.
  • Wooden windows and acoustic insulation glass are a matter of course.
  • The wide bright corridors eliminate the feeling of anxiousness and they make movement in the apartment more pleasant.
  • The facades of our projects are durable. We use stucco plasters, facing plate brickwork or durable trees for them.
  • The glazed gypsum plasters in the interiors have been our know-how since 1998.
Z+Health and atmosphere +

  • We conceive the common spaces generously because living does not end with a mat.