What do the graphic marks in the presentation of the buildings mean?

As far as our buildings are concerned, we do many extra things that are not usually done in the case of similar buildings. You will often not be able to see them at first sight, but you will appreciate them when you have lived in our building satisfied for some years. We decided to divide the (above) standards into categories for better understanding. You can find a list of the categories here.

How is the heating in your buildings?

As a standard we use floor heating in the bathrooms and living rooms, radiators in bedrooms for better air circulation. The heating source depends on local conditions and it also reflects the majority demand of clients. Usually we use gas boiler rooms and install heat pumps or recuperation units where we can.

How does the neighborhood comprising your buildings look like?

We consider the neighborhood to be the basis on which we choose sites for our buildings. We don’t build on abandoned plains or next to expressways, but in such places where good civil amenities can be found, where you will be able to find a kindergarten for your children and good transport services. We build smaller buildings that can easily be set among already existing buildings and infrastructure. Have a look where we have already built. Have a look where we have already built.

From what do you make the partitions in the apartments?

We use double plasterboard to divide the space in the apartments. We also offer walled partitions on demand but double plasterboard has better acoustic properties than walled constructions. The anchoring of objects through screw anchors, which can be installed even by a skilled child, is also easier. In general, you feel the apartment to be more private and quiet.

What material do you use for your buildings?

So-called concrete monoliths are usually used for present-day buildings because most companies consider them to be cheaper and quicker when used in construction. We use classic walled frames instead, which allow a free layout and a better influence on user properties. Living in such buildings is more pleasant and comfortable for people in general.

Is each apartment equipped with a parking space and basement?

As far as our buildings are concerned, a parking space and basement are always included in the purchase price.

Is built-in furniture a part of the apartment?

The furniture on the visualizations and in the ground plans are for illustration only, but we pay attention to the dimensions to correspond exactly with the dimensions of real objects; including the consideration of their real distance from the wall. A common bad habit of some sellers is the fact that they “adjust” the size of furnishing objects to make them look better but in reality, no matter what you do, you are not able to turn around in the narrow space next to the bed when vacuum cleaning.

What is your solution for unpleasant overheating in your apartments in summer?

We supplement quality thermal insulation and insulation window glass with outside shading with electric blinds, which don’t allow heat to enter your apartment and, at the same time, make your room pleasantly dark at night.

What are the Energy Labels of your buildings?

In the first place, we don’t chase after Energy Labels. We pay attention particularly to the overall operation economy, user comfort and functionality in all parts of the building. We implement new saving technologies where it makes sense. Most of our buildings belong to energy class A or B. You can find more information in the Standards section.

Why do your apartments seem more expensive than those sold by competitors?

It is because 60 m2 and 60 m2, plaster and plaster, partition and partition, tile and tile or bathroom and bathroom do not always mean the same. We use quality and durable materials for our buildings and we choose the locality so you lack nothing. Have a look at what our buildings offer. Since our establishment, meaning more than 25 years, this approach has been paying off. People feel happy staying in our buildings and we don’t deal with unexpected claims. The value of our apartments has been growing adequately and clients return to us.

How do you deal with claims?

The fact is that even new buildings are not free of slight defects, which may be caused by the subsiding of the building or by the human factor. In case there is a claim, we always deal with it and we consider a satisfied client to be the most important. Therefore, claims are solved under the personal supervision of the company owners, so in case you are not satisfied, you always deal with competent people.

What material do you use for plasters?

We use gypsum plasters on our buildings, proven to have been very effective because they are very smooth, do not warp and best reflect the light by which they create a pleasant atmosphere in front of the buildings and on terraces.

What are the foundations of your buildings?

The foundations were designed by our own team of structural engineers and our own building was built on them, as has been done for the last 20 years of our existence. To prevent microcracks, a consequence of the subsiding of all new buildings, we use the safest method for building foundations, which means piles. You can see in our buildings that this method has proved effective.

When can I take over the purchased apartment?

You don’t have to wait many years in the case of our buildings. All the offered apartments are in the finished rough construction phase so you can move into them within one year at the latest.

How do you choose the suppliers you cooperate with?

During our more than 20 years of operating in this field, we have been adding our own building capacities, machines, equipment and also management little by little, so that today we are able to address most things without cooperating with external suppliers. We secure the whole building process with our own resources from architectural designs, engineering operations, through static and project documentation to the building process itself and its supervision. Therefore even in the details we are able to secure maximum quality for our clients and invest the money saved by avoiding the profit margins of subcontractors in the above-standard furnishings of our buildings. The special services we provide are individual negotiations with clients or services related to the purchase itself, such as securing financing directly through us.